Leaving A Legacy

A wise man leaves an inheritance for his childrens children, Proverbs 13:22.

All my life, no not really, ONLY since I have come to know the Lord as my personal Savior, I  have spoken life into my children, those I encounter, to position themselves for legacy.  To leave a legacy for the next generation to follow.  Each decade of life should be purposed with a renewed since of who you are and Who’s you are.  Getting stronger and stronger. If we position ourselves to become the reflection of destiny; deeply rooted for the stage of life that we are in, we find ourselves able to develop the offspring or the branches that can be further extended within our families and within our Communities.

Each and every vessel or vein travels on its pathway  to another destination that once it has travelled it shall accomplish that which it was sent to do (Isaiah 55:11).  At that time you will have a full fledged foundation for every generation to follow, to reach back and hold that seed of legacy that was left. It becomes proverbial.

Yet we often misconstrue legacy only in the confines of material possession, but there is a legacy greater and far more rewarding that will allow the material manifestations to come and that is in the word of God (Proverbs 22:6).  The legacy that we are to impart or to leave for the next generation is to train, teach, develop, and model the word of God in such a way that they too will submit to His authority, His call upon their lives.  The word says, Seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and all things shall be added on to you (Matthew 6:33).

How many opportunities have been taken to train others, because it’s not easy especially in our communities where we’re more inclined to be like crabs in the bucket looking out for ourselves to become the ones to reach the top. My four and no more, right. How many times have we stop to teach a lesson as we are given grace and mercy?  As each day passes the more mature we become,  gaining something that we can teach those who come in our midst.  As we are teaching them we began to take on the roles of developing them to become model citizens for Kingdom purpose.

You know it use to be a time where the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family would gather together the next generation to give them truth, generationally speaking, as well as real world truth. They took time to impart.  To take those roots and get them deeper in the soil and water them with their experiences.  We no longer do that. We spend more time at the dinner table in our E-readers, on our cell phones, on our tablets……You see it when you go to the restaurant; when you’re driving your car or riding a bicycle or walking the street.  More ear buds are in people’s ears blocking communication, both ways. Hint, my number one pet peeve is when you’re in a car with 2 people or more and someone puts their earbuds in, that immediately shuts down any communication because they’re internalizing their world only. Their whole being is telling you that they don’t really care to hear anything that you have to say (I’ve had that hat then more than once). And unfortunately is not just the Millennials.  WISE UP EVERYBODY.  What’s left is what we experience every day in the degenerative structure within our society.  Who’s taking the time to level up the next generation ?  Where is the nurturing or bonding that is the cornerstone of a successful family,  a successful ministry (in or out of the pulpit), a successful life?

To that I leave you with this song.

Watch “WAKE UP EVERYBODY – Original Version (Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes)” on YouTube

It’s  time to Train, teach, develop and model the legacy for our families and the next generation.


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I am Toni Hollis. A seeker of positive living in all things. Creation is from our Creator who has given us POWER through our words. We are what we speak. Writing allows my energy to transcend towards you and it is my hope that the words deposit great benefits and rewards.

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