The Journey

The road that we take is long and sometimes difficult. What is life without the ups and downs or the trials that come. It is said that what does not kill you makes you stronger; and I’d like to add that what does not kill you can also make you bitter and will lead you to revenge. I laugh at that because it is so true. If stronger is the outcome, I’d like to see the conversion factor. I guarantee that many will attest to becoming a whole lot when life serves banana peels and cheap thrills, but strength is not what one perceives.

One can see that slipping on a banana peel would not immediately create the thought of “strength” but pain. And truthfully embarrassment and a feeling of disgust. It is like life cliché’s become oxymoron’s for us to later align for ourselves. Also as if we are being tested to choose what is truth, false or just that, words with little to no meaning.

Yet life’s lessons are intended to strengthen you; to create in you the ability to overcome hardships (or what I will call heart-ships cause stuff really can hurt). Think about it, circumstances can hurt more that once too, even if you’ve experienced it before, you cannot say oh that hurt me once and I won’t let it happen again. Because if you think about it, fall and get hurt on your knee, does that mean you won’t hurt in the same spot if you fall again? Or love someone, get hurt or even fall out of love, meet someone else, does that mean you cannot hurt? No, each encounter creates another level of pain. Now what lessons you do carry relate more to the “how” of the encounter and potentially how you can prevent the fall or actions that led to the relationship breakdown.

I don’t know maybe I ponder to deeply to understand consciousness of life, why things happen or even it’s highs and lows. Or maybe in my solitude I find it difficult to embrace what all of life really means. In general I think people are looking for meaning, trying to juxtapose the message of ying and yang. Albeit to me to decide or just wonder further into the expression of my finger tips (writings) as I seek the meaning of what my purpose is within the dash.

I do seek a higher truth in what is spirituality in all things. I look to what has become to me more real than belief of anything else, in what I call the one and only living God. The creator, the one who has allowed me the expression of who He is to me in my voice, through my words and in my deeds.

Yes, life can be a mystery full of questions, and sometimes very few satisfiable answers. With banana peels and sugar hills (peeks and valleys) set to teach us the value of a moment, the value of a season, the value of a minute collected through time so that we can see the contrast; good, bad, ugly or indifferent all things comes for us to appreciate all that we have in the Journey.

Rootedforpurpose, because we all are.

Published by rootedforpurpose

I am Toni Hollis. A seeker of positive living in all things. Creation is from our Creator who has given us POWER through our words. We are what we speak. Writing allows my energy to transcend towards you and it is my hope that the words deposit great benefits and rewards.

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