Is it Just Me?

If you are reading this blog today can we just have a little mental conversation? Some blog time, with your mind. There are some things that I think about, unspoken. What about you? And of course, we all wonder if these thoughts are just our own (where did that come from?). Do you ever wonderContinue reading “Is it Just Me?”

Think on That

Stepping forward does not mean that you advance, it simply indicates that you took a step in the direction you were aiming. Think on that. When we move it should not be presumed that we’ve advanced. How does one gain the advantage of movement? What determines if life giving motion gives momentum? How many timesContinue reading “Think on That”

The Power of Want to

It is something so powerful about the power of want to You know that’s something that you make up your mind that you’re going to Do. That’s something that no one’s going to stop you. From doing. That’s something that makes you want more. It comes from the core. Of who you are Don’t negateContinue reading “The Power of Want to”