This Moment

The day starts with an opportunity for you to move past yesterday. It gives you an opportunity to set the intention of what you want. In this Moment, right now, that intention can focused on a future plan (self-development, increase). Life has a way of reflecting-you of your past, the hurts, the trauma, the experiences,Continue reading “This Moment”

The Value of the Moment

Well, this would be the first blog entry that I’ve written from a place where I am transitioning to a higher plane of accepting that I control nothing.  We are in the life, sent for a purpose and no matter how much we think we are orchestrating our daily lives we really are not. OhContinue reading “The Value of the Moment”

Is it Just Me?

If you are reading this blog today can we just have a little mental conversation? Some blog time, with your mind. There are some things that I think about, unspoken. What about you? And of course, we all wonder if these thoughts are just our own (where did that come from?). Do you ever wonderContinue reading “Is it Just Me?”