Is it Just Me?

If you are reading this blog today can we just have a little mental conversation?

Some blog time, with your mind.

There are some things that I think about, unspoken.

What about you?

And of course, we all wonder if these thoughts are just our own (where did that come from?).

Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes?

Wonder if you will complete your goals before the end date?

Or even if you are doing what you were placed – on this earth to do?

Maybe my thoughts cycle around because my spirit is curious or

Maybe because I am genuinely wanting to find purpose in life.

Maybe you have felt the same, maybe I am not the only one in this game (of life).

Piercing thoughts without answers, some may say why does it matter

Yet as we live, we must find something more to give

From within ourselves

Over to someone else

If you can relate, let’s celebrate

Leave a comment as we create

Each day a way to be/come more and more

Of WHO we are meant to be!


Caught Up

Have you ever been in a state of surrender?

Between the questions and the unknown?

Torn between the words you hear and the words you fear?

You know the times where self talk makes you account for all your thoughts.

The times where your mind tries to define a deeper meaning to that which is unspoken?

Caught Up in the life that runs away while you chase the wind you cannot see.

Caught up in the place of old given from the stories told.

When we are designing the day we create a void, a space

Where we can create.

Hate that space that leaves us empty, drained and incomplete

That kind of caught up should not be.

Think of the completion of

your purpose, your mission

Be caught up in purpose

Caught up on purpose

Become that you that will make others say


A Moment in Time

Wait a minute am I in it.

why does everything seem so diminished.

diminished by time that we cannot unwind.

a moment we shall never define.

it has passed.

who thought that it would last?

a moment in time that was what so divine.

a moment we celebrated, and we were so elated.

then came the moment of truth as I stood upon the roof.

the highest point of my desire now burns with fire.

I had to go on the roof to look over my view,

not of other opinions that (don’t) matter you see as they were trying to control me.

set yourself free!

be who you are meant to be.

be a part of something bigger.

be a part of your own trigger.

pull back that which was holding you.

so that you can redefine a bigger view

look to see what’s inside of you

allowed the burn to churn and become anew.




Take up that space and self-motivate!

What’s Your Name?

When you were born your parents give you a name sometimes that name is based upon a favorite person a relative or even a name within their name.

Then we are given names in school but are assigned to us by our teachers our classmates are peers.

We are given names as high schoolers or teenagers that change the frame of our image that we have of ourselves.

But then there’s the name we take on assigned to us from our own definition of who we are, who we think we are or who we want to be.

So, I ask what is your name?

Have you matured or grown past the insults that were thrown at you as a child, as a teenager, as an adult all that aligned you to dysfunctional associations?

What is it that you call yourself?

How is it that you align to less than positive images that are projected towards you, when you know that you do not represent any category any phrase or any negative reflection.

If you are unsure of what you call yourself, I want you to think about your surroundings what do you see? How do you respond when people try to love on you with the love you’ve never experienced do you reject them? Do you push them away? Do you wonder what’s wrong with them?

Today I’m want you to embrace a new name and that name is called I AM:




An Overcomer






I AM………

All that God intended for me to become; I call it by faith. Selah

1 Kings 2:3 And observe what the Lord your God requires: Walk in his ways, and keep his decrees and commands, his laws and requirements, as written in the Law of Moses, so that you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go

Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

The Stare

Today, as I started my day, my mind went astray, neither here nor there, but everywhere.

You may wonder why people stare (afar off) and wonder if they even care.

But I want to believe that in those times their mind is somewhere, everywhere.

We are people prone to think, but within that hour only can we meet.

Truthfully and honestly

Everywhere becomes an anomalous word when you integrated with all that you heard.

Everywhere can be somewhere if you really give thought.

in this hour you bring the power to cast the shower






As I care pictures, a find very rare, to the stares that bear the hearts within.

Let us start to look at every day presenting opportunities in everything.

So that we can unravel the mystery of everywhere being everything even as you stare.

Self Reinvented – an anthem for mid-life sisters

Musings of a Gypsy Soul

Photo by Rachel Claire on


If you’re a woman,

You’ll have to be the Mother of invention, the Sultana of Self-Worth.

And I’ll tell you why:

Nobody can validate you better than YOU.

I just turned fifty-two years old, and GOD I love it.

I glory in this mid-life thing (most days, anyway) and here’s why:

Because every outside force you can imagine

Is going to keep changing.

The “new normal” is a revolving thing.

Having the “look” is nothing compared to owning your self-worth.

And the ways you are changing?


Be lady-like, we were always told.

At half a century and some change,

I feel emboldened, empowered, and not at all “small.”

You see, in our youths, we were told

To make ourselves small, so as not to be a bother.

To be selfless and only consider

Your feelings as afterthought.

We did…

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Strut Your Stuff

I wonder how many times you woke up and started your day.

Feeling if you were at bay.

I wonder if your spirit, at this minute, has a limit?

Or if you could not see the source enforced?

Are you reading these words?

Can you hear them, feel them?

Reveal, that which is concealed.

You are still here, embrace the day.

There is so much more to say,

So much more to do.

It is within you.

You need to know what you seek.

Understand that it won’t happen in a week.

It will take time to align and refine those things on your mind.

You can do these things with faith, not haste.

Do not clutch

Do not fuss.

Get on up

Do not rush

To your destination

Take the combination of your creation so that you can create your foundation.

Build it up.

Build it up.

It is your time to erupt and strut your stuff!!

The Well of Well

I have a well from within that spews out the words.

That I do intend to make on print

As not to miss my hint.

I think it’s important that I

Keep it coming because the momentum transcends and makes me want to do it again.

Is revealing even unto me where I am meant to be.

Do I want to have likes and followers for sure, but it does not stop my resilience of wanting to make and create the value of what I procreate (in words) as I share what I care?


If you are reading this yes, I am so elated I am overjoyed and I’m even more impressed when you leave a comment but if you don’t it’s OK, I still have something to say.

My writing is not so much about you.

Because I never know who

Will show up to read, review or even see this through.

So, as I make my imprint it has to be about my desire.

Those things that set me afire.

Appreciate you Oh yes, I do.

It is better said when it’s coming off the top of my head.

Not so much as given a thought to what may come and what may not.

I want this blog to be routed because it is with purpose that I come to you.

Take the time to see me through

Every line

Paragraph and phrase

Believe in your heart that it is what you do with each word that comes to you.

And I pray that it blesses you

In the well of Well.

Think on That

Stepping forward does not mean that you advance, it simply indicates that you took a step in the direction you were aiming. Think on that.

When we move it should not be presumed that we’ve advanced. How does one gain the advantage of movement? What determines if life giving motion gives momentum?

How many times have you moved only to be in the same place. The same state of mind. The same precarious position? Life.

I imagine that you have wonder in the advancement of development how fast and unassuming life has become. Not that you have not valued the encounters or even being on the Journey, but subtlely have questioned the obvious, Why?

The Power of Want to

It is something so powerful about the power of want to

You know that’s something that you make up your mind that you’re going to


That’s something that no one’s going to stop you.

From doing.

That’s something that makes you want more.

It comes from the core.

Of who you are

Don’t negate the power of this very hour!

Make the decision, you are on a mission.

Find it deep within, require it to come again.

It will change you!

Take the time to make a choice to understand the power of your voice.

Then rejoice.

You don’t have to take a hoist.

To someone else’s choice

Make up your mind every day.

Be determined to find a way.

To change what didn’t work out well yesterday.

The power of you will come alive.

Once you awaken the inside

Now is the time to set a fire

To what you desire

That will take you higher.

The power of what to do it is in you.

So, start right now and choose to be.

Because You want to

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