Who Are You, Really?

Have you ever wondered about people? The people that we are?  The people that we become and why we become the people that we do ? I have a thought process when it comes to people. Do we ever really know who they are?  I believe that we show who we want people to see, but their true identity we may never know. Because of this you can question a person’s intent, doubt their sincerity and hide behind the images yourself of what you project.

Who are you really?  That’s the topic of discussion to day. We are not able to know the heart of people , Only God knows that. We are to trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not to our own understanding in all our ways we are to acknowledge him and he will direct our path (Proverbs 3:5-6). A familiar verse for many where Trust leads. Yet every day no matter how well intended we inadvertently  become subject to our own guidance and direction. We question and doubt every decision we make. We become subject to our own inabilities to trust, to design objectively, a blind faith.

What would our lives look like if we were truly walking in blind faith. To embrace or identify with  the role in life we are designed for? To never question change of direction or chsnge of mind?  Imagine if our sight was gone and we had to reply on our other senses to see for us.  The mere fact that our eyes see allow us to react to our “seeing” responses. We all do it and more than likely if we see we don’t like it, we change our mind, right?  What happens when we run into people who we later in life regret that we ever met (avoidance)?  I mean we gravitate towards good looking people right, based on what we see, until we see what’s not external. And sometimes that’s not real pretty.

What about our decisions on career changes? I mean statistically (they say) a person will change their career path 5 to 7 times within the span of their life.  I mean that doesn’t seem very secure in purpose. Yet it is a known fact that a percentage of people who start their career early undoubtedly will shift into different arenas over time. Why, material gratification or choice. Or just outright lack of satisfaction or we realize it’s not a good fit for what your goals were, shifting thought. Change.

What if we knew when we married that that person will change and the question becomes, who are you ? Yet we take vows to love to cherish for better or worse, in sickness and health, until death do we part.  Yet divorce courts lineup with people every day who just can’t take it anymore because the worse got the best of them.

Who are you, really? I mean change happens in all of us, we must adjust as the chapters of our lives change. Some commitments must stay constant, however, to know who we are or who we interact with its a constant change, like escalators functioning up and down.

Maybe it’s just me who questions these adjustable movements. Maybe it’s just me who wants to find truth in this life, stablilty, moreso. But I don’t think it’s just me. I believe that everybody wants peace, that surpasses all understanding, to live positively, to live abundantly and to love without walls. To create an environment that will allow us to live in truth. To believe in people again.


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Changing Frames

old-picture-frames-picture-id475536256This is another day, another day to set the pace, keeping the past in the past and appreciate the present. Our lives become a canvas, the great collage we present to the world. Again, today.

I remember being a kid and creating in the classroom a collage that showed who we wanted to become. It became a very descriptive presentation to our being. What we did not know then is that each day, as we matured, as we grew, we were continuing to create that canvas; different days,  different color;  different thoughts, different actions;  different people,  different presentations. Every person that we encounter sees a different presentation of who we choose to reveal to them, as ourselves. Each and every day we can camouflage and become chameleons based on the environment that we are active in. I mean sometimes to the point that we literally feel the transition of our personalities and I laugh when I say that because I have seen so many different faces to the point where I wonder why we all are not in the movies. We have action, adventure, love stories,  fiction and nonfiction active in our lives every day.  We are walking life everyday in portrayals that we create. And although they have to be adjusted, continually, each day is a new page. The only difference, from the silver screen, is that we’re not being paid like the actors and actresses in Hollywood. And if we were many of us would be nominated for the Oscar, and win.

Yet this is not a bad thing to be honest and often times its quite necessary (nor do I advocate to live a lie).  I mean it would be very difficult to have the role of mother in the workplace. Just as it would be equally difficult to play the role of CEO at your children’s softball game; or to be the nurturer at the bowling alley, or the romanicist in the court room. My point is that as we transition through life we have to adjust ourselves we become the script writer in every scene. Creating the grander scale that was already predetermined, predestined by God (Ephesians 1:5).

I am not the artist of your picture or the creator of your frame (and you are not mine) because God-ordained each and every molecule of our existence . And He loves it.  He loves every part of who we are each and every face, each and every mistake that he knew we were going to make, yet He sent his Son to become that propitiation of our lives (John 3:16).  We may think how many times can He love me when I continue to make poor mistakes, how many times can He still love me when the things that I know to do I don’t and the things I desire not to do I find myself doing (Romans 7:19). But guess what, that’s the God we serve Who is full of grace and mercy. He is faithful to his word and that which He sends forth shall be perfected because his word can not return to Him void (Isaiah 55:11).

Every frame is a different size, a different shape,  a different color,  some decorated, some painted, some with deep grooves, others with precise detail and it’s all perfecting the picture. To get the picture presented with originality and uniqueness. To give that picture a presentation that is holding the intent of the artist. Our lives are to be whole with intent of our heavenly Father. In that I ask what is in your frame?  How is that picture being presented to the world?  My hope is that you take control to make that picture the best representation, with the highest value because everything, every sin and every weight of life, was already paid for by the blood of Jesus. Amen.

What Would They Say?

The significance of today is important because this is a moment of recognition as my sister celebrates the blessing of 57 years.

It has been a difficult transition since we put to rest our Mom December 25th 2016. This along with the adjustment of life after our Dad October 17th 2007.  We know that parents are the jewels, most precious jewels, of life.  Still the unexplainable hurts and the transition of life (when they are taken from you so early) one can never be prepared. But I thought today would be a-day to remember what they’ve imparted during the time that they were with us. To try and put into words what I believe they would say to their eldest daughter to celebrate her 57 years. So to my sister,  this entry today is about you and the heart that our parents would have shared, if we could still hear their voices.

To our oldest who has always been the big sister were proud of you. We’re sorry that we could not there to celebrate; but we are there in spirit. We seen the accomplishments that you were embarking upon during the time that God allowed us to be physically present in your life. To be a part of the life that you began raising your 2 children, completing beauty school and then going on and getting your associate and bachelor’s degree we could not be more proud.

When others may have accepted defeat, because it wasn’t always easy (remember the struggles) and we always told you that it’ll be OK, and guess what it’s still OK. You have been resilient and you have been a fighter, it’s OK to put your dukes down though, you are in the place at this point in life to relax a little bit. Just continue to be the awesome mother that you are and the greatest big sister that you’ve been; we know the enemy fights you on both, but you’re doing it, you’ve done it, so continue to walk proudly, continue to do what you’re doing because your star is still shining.

We love you And we are always with you. Happy 57th birthday November 7th 2017. Stay sweet.

Moody’s Mood For Love https://g.co/kgs/gXjHVC







Leaving A Legacy

A wise man leaves an inheritance for his childrens children, Proverbs 13:22.

All my life, no not really, ONLY since I have come to know the Lord as my personal Savior, I  have spoken life into my children, those I encounter, to position themselves for legacy.  To leave a legacy for the next generation to follow.  Each decade of life should be purposed with a renewed since of who you are and Who’s you are.  Getting stronger and stronger. If we position ourselves to become the reflection of destiny; deeply rooted for the stage of life that we are in, we find ourselves able to develop the offspring or the branches that can be further extended within our families and within our Communities.

Each and every vessel or vein travels on its pathway  to another destination that once it has travelled it shall accomplish that which it was sent to do (Isaiah 55:11).  At that time you will have a full fledged foundation for every generation to follow, to reach back and hold that seed of legacy that was left. It becomes proverbial.

Yet we often misconstrue legacy only in the confines of material possession, but there is a legacy greater and far more rewarding that will allow the material manifestations to come and that is in the word of God (Proverbs 22:6).  The legacy that we are to impart or to leave for the next generation is to train, teach, develop, and model the word of God in such a way that they too will submit to His authority, His call upon their lives.  The word says, Seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and all things shall be added on to you (Matthew 6:33).

How many opportunities have been taken to train others, because it’s not easy especially in our communities where we’re more inclined to be like crabs in the bucket looking out for ourselves to become the ones to reach the top. My four and no more, right. How many times have we stop to teach a lesson as we are given grace and mercy?  As each day passes the more mature we become,  gaining something that we can teach those who come in our midst.  As we are teaching them we began to take on the roles of developing them to become model citizens for Kingdom purpose.

You know it use to be a time where the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family would gather together the next generation to give them truth, generationally speaking, as well as real world truth. They took time to impart.  To take those roots and get them deeper in the soil and water them with their experiences.  We no longer do that. We spend more time at the dinner table in our E-readers, on our cell phones, on our tablets……You see it when you go to the restaurant; when you’re driving your car or riding a bicycle or walking the street.  More ear buds are in people’s ears blocking communication, both ways. Hint, my number one pet peeve is when you’re in a car with 2 people or more and someone puts their earbuds in, that immediately shuts down any communication because they’re internalizing their world only. Their whole being is telling you that they don’t really care to hear anything that you have to say (I’ve had that hat then more than once). And unfortunately is not just the Millennials.  WISE UP EVERYBODY.  What’s left is what we experience every day in the degenerative structure within our society.  Who’s taking the time to level up the next generation ?  Where is the nurturing or bonding that is the cornerstone of a successful family,  a successful ministry (in or out of the pulpit), a successful life?

To that I leave you with this song.

Watch “WAKE UP EVERYBODY – Original Version (Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes)” on YouTube

It’s  time to Train, teach, develop and model the legacy for our families and the next generation.


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We live in a world where compassion is not received, not felt, not expressed, not acknowledged, and not accepted. We walk through our daily lives as if our lives are solely dependent on us; on the “Me-ism,  where it’s all about me, myself and I.  Yeah, yeah I know Beyonce sang a song about this, but she was speaking from a sentiment of being hurt and heartbroken at the one she thought she could trust in love. Yet, she learned that in the end she had no one but herself to give the love that she so desired.


However, I am talking about human compassion today, where people remember that we need love, we need to feel that when our backs are against the wall that someone, somewhere understands and that someone, somewhere cares, or even that, that someone somewhere could position themselves to reach out and touch, empathize or sympathize. To put aside what it is that they are dealing with or feeling and just come to the soul of the matter; the heart of the matter. I am talking about compassion, good ole fashion compassion, where you put someone else’s needs above yours. For real, for real.

That compassion where you see you have more than enough and you could give those dollars to that person in front of you at the grocery store who’s short; or the compassion that pushes you to go above and beyond, to push yourself that extra mile, not because it is something in it for you to gain, but because you want to represent the better you and leave a deposit with someone that even if they could not repay it the joy was knowing that you represented the walk that God would be pleased with.

I’m reminded of how compassion has been a part of our Christian life, how it has to be a part of who we are as Ephesians reminds us that you have to be kind hearted one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another even as God, for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you (Ephesians 4:32). But we know forgiveness isn’t easy as we will hold a grudge for generations because, wait, we really don’t know why other than we heard that they did this to (someone you know) or because, I’ll dare you do that to me, oh no I will not be the one, who do they think they are? Our hearts are hardened long after offenses have passed.  I mean years past and we still are functioning in the shallow end of a matter, without a cause (any longer) because of what ? Ummm. Don’t know. Notwithstanding anyone’s true encounters, but everything has a shelf life, expiration date. And so should our offenses.

Compassionate because we’re to carry kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness and long suffering. As it states in Colosians 3:12 we have to bear one another’s burdens to fulfill the law of Christ.  But we are quick to say, “It’s not my issue,” or “no better for them, especially if we are mad at them.”  How many times have we done that instead of  putting someone else’s need above our own? When we should begin to think of carrying their load, their burdens. To lift them up when they are going through. To ask yourself what you would expect, then do that thing.

Com (prefix, meaning to bring together, in association with); passion (any powerful or compelling emotion); ate (suffix, possessing, having the appearance of). Today decide that in this life the importance of everyday should be to share, to love, to show compassion, to be better today, than yesterday. To resonate a shadow of compassion everywhere you go. Because in this you will find joy, peace and happiness.



Hidden Under the Makeup and the Mask

Inner wholeness, we seek it, we look in other places for it, and we often attempt to camouflaged it with an array of a color pallets. In our society we wear highlighters, refiners and colorizers along with concealers to give our outward appearance a foundation of inclusion. In this image boosting effort we make ourselves up to create beauty outside to be accepted by those we don’t know. Meanwhile in this selfie, public life post, waist trimmers, booty lifters, and botox era, we have become blinded to our natural beauty.

We have allowed our self reflection to be  flawed as we try to compare ourselves to images seen in magazines or in the media, which we know has been photo chopped to perfection, that no one can compare.  What has become of our society? What has happened where our images are determined through the lens of other people to the point that we are willing to die for acceptance ?

According to Forbes the cosmetic industry is a $445 billion (sales) industry.  This represents a lot of visits to MAC counters, Sephora,  NARS, or Urban Decay (Just to name a few).  Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, or smell good, but at what cost?  Especially if we are concealing the hurt, the abuse, the addiction or personal scars that we dont want to be exposed in public – we all have seen them, dealt with them or been them.

But ladies, we arent exclusive in this,  men wear their own make up as well by assessing their worth by what they earn, what they drive, and how they compare to the next man.  I mean let’s be real, everyone wears make up or a mask.  And to keep it all in perspective a mask is defined as a covering for all or part of the face that protects, hides, or decorates the person. While cosmetics (make up) such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance.  Commonality- Both block the natural characteristics and are temporary. Both can be removed.

There’s no way to know what type of encounters we will have with people. Once you meet a person, it’s always a moment where you step back and size them up, right. Come on ladies, you know we can read another lady quick, in one glance we have checked out her shoes, purse, outfit and her kitchen (you know, the nape of the neck) to see if she gets your  internal approval or show that green eye envy. And fellas, you can be more discreet,  as most sizing up is done when that primal question is asked that goes like this, “Where do you work or what kind of car do you drive?

Really…..you don’t say,  we have become  analyst. Analyzing value by what is seen on the outside, by what one drives, or by where they live.  Jilted by materialism and coefficients of socio-economic statuses.  And though I like to think not, it’s not deniable given the constant increase of public or social media bullying.

Let’s get back to the days of acceptance and learn to live by the truth, that we were all created in the image of God and that He has never made a mistake. Accept the skin you are in, accept that the real you is best received when a person sees all your scars; your life through all seasons and still can say, I love you. JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.




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I can’t believe it, it’s like a dream. The mere fact that you are here is unbelievable to me. I use to think that I would never see you.  That our paths would never cross and now you’re here. I don’t know what to say.

How’s life? What brings you to Destiny? How long are you staying? Really, daily.  To think that I traveled all these years to finally come face to face with you. What ? You say you never left. I thought you moved from Forgotten years ago. Oh no, what?  I can’t believe it, say that again. So you have been here all along, waiting for me to see you. Amazing. This is so surreal. I am grateful that we have met now let’s walk into the sunset.


Uniquely Designed

Distancing ourselves from transparency is a protective barrier that serves to protect us from hurt, disappointment or shame. Everyone does it to avoid vulnerability afterall trust and honesty are practically non existent. If we stood before the mirror of our soul we could say that no one knows the real you.  Our mask are worn for every performance we make. Always ready to sell that image that others will accept. Whereby our past, the true testament of what makes us who we are, is not shared.

Yet each life represents a unique story, one not duplicated, cloned or dualized. Each moment, every step worked with intricate details that cannot be performed by anyone but you, no replicas.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

There may be similar stories shared with others but no two stories are alike. You are one of a kind, you are special, you are created as a one of a kind masterpiece that cannot be duplicated. You are It. Wow, you are the original patented design from God. Now walk in that boldly declaring your place. You are not what the enemy will whisper in your ear (defeated, no hope, destitute).  You are more than the sum of every negative encounter (we all have those).

These encounters are billows in our life,  to keep us in remeberance of God’s faithfulness, to serve as the stones in our lives, a memorial to His name, Jehovah Jireh, the Lord our provider.

We have these stones that show the walk we have experienced. Mine go back to my childhood where, even now,  I see God had a plan.  For every encounter, every situation He was there.  I thank God for my parents who showed love, agape love.  They were sacrificial,  constant and unconditional. Their lives were dedicated, through every trial. It was the real love that doesn’t exist today. I mean when the fires came in the form of infidelity,  addictions, financial struggles,  even imprisonment  they stuck it out, unlike the love we see today that comes with a list of  conditions one must meet for love to stay activated. Imagine that. Oh, I love you IF, or as long as you do (fill in the do), I am here. Looking for perfect from imperfect people. That’s why marriages struggle to see longevity.  But my parents showed me to have bulldog faith, a tenaciousness to hold on no matter what comes. To believe when everything around you says not to. As a result I have been able to see this in my life as an adult. Never quit, face your lions and don’t retreat.

My transparency I give today is yes it hurts, yes it gets hard, yes you fall down, but get back up, get back in line. Live life fully, love without walls, give with your heart, serve with your alabaster box and believe that Only You are designed to bring to past what God has for your life. For You are Uniquely Designed.

The Game of Life

Games people play are generally for entertainment and social engagement. There are rules to all games and these games generally require two or more people. The end objective is for a winner to emerge. But in the game of life we are in the game all by ourselves. Yes, there’s a support network, but we must determine how to play our position.

There are rules for us to live by or play by and the choices that we make (daily) strategically place us in position to win or lose.  Biblically the choices and rules to live by are clear, whether we look in Exodus 20: 1-17 at the 10 commandments, or in Deuteronomy 28 for the  blessings or the curses. The rulebook in either verse has been provided.  We all must be accountable to and for our choices, or how we play the game, of life.

Unfortunately, unlike board games that can be paused, put on hold, borrowed or put away until tomorrow, life does not stop moving (no borrowed time here) until the heart ceases to beat.  Everyday we must hold accountability on how we live our dash. Every day we must determine our next move. From the time we arise, until it’s time to rest at night there are opportunities before us; opportunities that will elevate us or bring us down, but how is that defined?  Really, it is easy when you’re consciously aware of the power you hold to determine your life. What are you speaking, cultivating everyday, life or death? What do your words impart in your life or towards others ?

Words are like fire and water, both are necessary, but have different purposes or functions when released. No, this isn’t an astrological question. I am not seeking to know your zodiac sign. What I am seeking is your knowledge to the power you possess with words. Let’s say you’re at work and a high leveled meeting just took place;  a group of your peers gather to vent over their opinions of certain people who were in that meeting, what is your contribution to the discussion? Do you buy into the murmur by adding fire to keep the murmur flamed, or do you say I have work to finish, I will catch up later; using water diffusing the situation.

Most of us carry fire and we are ingrained to that moreso than water because of our own dissatisfaction with situations. Or because society has told us that we must speak our minds. This can be very dangerous. We keep situations aflame when we murmur. Because in our mouth we have power to  place water (diffuse) on any situation, to be peacemakers, eliminating malice, grief and strife making the next move victorious.

Let’s take the story of Job: But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold (Job 23:10). This is one of the great test recorded in the old testament. I mean he lost everything, livelihood, flocks, herds, and all his children and then, his friends who were suppose to have his back began to plant seeds of grief and malice at his faith; even his wife spoke against his faith , as he was a devout man of God. They wanted him to curse God and die. But his next move brought forth restoration to his life. His next move made him greater. That’s not saying he wasn’t afflicted by the fire he was amidst, but his moves, while in the fire, allowed him to not be burned (Isaiah 42:2).

Know that we serve a God who promises us that when we pass through the waters, He will be with us; and when we pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over us. When we walk through the fire, we will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze. With this make your moves in this real game of life with confidence knowing that God is with you. 

Slogan Life Repost

Have you ever known  a person who tries to delay life as if the remote control was in their hands?  Using life as if they determine time, space and every breath. Making no importance of the moment, present, past or thinking of the future.  Life is made up of their opinion, their predisposition to persons, places and things that generally comes through media.  Our society has cultivated the mindset of people to live life in sloganville. You know them , have it your way; just do it;  expecting every thing to Snap! Crackle! Pop! meanwhile they forget, when you care enough to send the very best, life can be finger, licken, good.

We try harder to live life without feeling, no empathy or sympathy. Just going through the motions, then we wonder why those good old days were more alive and vibrant. For me that would be the 60’s through the early 90′. But I will say, those times were better because family mattered. Because respect mattered, especially with the  elders. The village was alert , willing and active.

And while many talk about how much better it was, do something to make today better. Bring back the moral compass. Instead of becoming a part of the “just wanna do me,” microwave society start to live outside of self, put away the remote control on life and keep legacy in mind as each generation plans for the next, by choice or default, it will happen. Then turn from slogan life towards the real meaning of life because in the end, We answer to a Higher Authority.


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